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TRX + Sled Work

Here are 5 exercises that incorporate a TRX into your sled work that I like to program with my athletes during the different training phases of the year. It’s good to mix it up with different exercises in training, this helps to keep the workouts fresh, and athletes mentally engaged to improve on a daily basis.

1. Reverse Sled Drag

This exercises focuses on the Vastus Medialis (VMO) the muscles around the knee. It’s a good exercises to implement fir your athletes that suffer from knee tendonitis and/or athletes that have a hard time decelerating on the playing field. Hook up the TRX to the sled, load the sled up, and have athlete walk backwards focusing on pressing through the ground evenly with each step backwards.

2. Sled Rows

Will focus on the posterior chain of the athlete. Have them walk out to a distance in which there is tension on the TRX and have them “brace” themselves as they pull the sled towards them. Take a couple more steps back, and continue this process until you reach the desired distance or number of pulls. Sets of 10-15 pulls will get that back feeling good!

3. Low to High Pulls

Have athlete execute a solid squat; knees pointing in same direction as toes, vertical posture, shoulders and hips in proper alignment. From this position have athlete perform a “high pull” that of which is similar to the high pull performed with a barbell. Athlete will finish in triple extension; ankles, knees, hips. Since this exercise is more technical than say Sled Rows, keep the reps lower between 5-8 should be adequate.

4. Frankenstein Walks

Athlete faces away from sled and has TRX handle in each hand, arms extended, core engaged, athlete then walks forward at a slow and controlled pace. This exercise will train the athletes core as well as shoulder stability. A coaching que I like to use is “brace your core as if someone is going to punch you on the stomach” this reminds them to engage their core and stay solid through the movement. You can also walk along side them while they are performing the Frankenstein walk and lightly from the side push their shoulders, hips, arms, to make sure they are rigid and strong through the movement.

5. Lateral Sled Drags

Athlete grabs both TRX straps in one hand and walks out laterally to a distance in which their arm is full extended and there’s tension on the straps. At this point the athlete bends their knees to roughly a 45 degree angle and begins to drag the sled laterally. Similar to the Frankenstein Walks it’s important for your athlete to stay strong through the movement, bracing their core, demonstrating a solid and vertical posture.

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