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I met Scott Thom many years ago when he was the basketball strength and conditioning coach at Cal. I knew right away Scott was one of those ‘young up and comers’ who would be making waves very soon.  Scott has a great background in strength and conditioning, but I believe his greatest attribute is his ability to convey information and training lessons.  Scott is a COACH, one thing you will hear over and over about Scott is that he has an amazing rapport with and respect from his players and the coaches he works with.  Scott is the real deal and is one of my very favorite people to be around in this world.”   –Coach Robert Dos Remedios

Coach Thom’s positive energy and enthusiasm makes training in the weight room and on the basketball court fun and productive. His sincere approach to coaching motivates you to get better.  He’s the type of coach that cares about you more than just basketball or getting your stronger.  He’s about building lifelong friendships that will last beyond basketball.  Over the years our friendship has grown, and he’s someone I can always count on.”   -Tyrone Wallace- Utah Jazz

“Coach Thom’s ‘my guy’ he doesn’t just get you stronger and help you jump higher, he teaches you injury prevention exercises and recovery techniques that will keep you healthy, feeling good, and keep you playing at your best year around.”  -Allen Crabbe- Portland Trailblazers

“Coach Thom’s strength and conditioning program allowed me to maximize my physical potential through the start and up to the finish of each basketball season. Not only were my performance levels always consistent but my health and well-being as well.”   -Jorge Gutierrez- Charlotte Hornets

“He’s an excellent strength coach, relates really well to the kids, has a ton of enthusiasm, just wants to be a part of it and wants to win and do whatever he can to help.”   –Coach Mike Montgomery

 “Coach Thom has the unique ability to incorporate finely tailored lifting plans, comprehensive drills, and healthy meals into daily life.  He is extremely motivating and encouraging; I gained weight, perfected my shot, and regained my focus after three weeks of one-on-one training.  Training with him is a huge reason I was able to make the leap from playing professionally in Finland to playing in the top league in Germany.”   -Dave Kravish- BBL Germany-

“Coach Thom has taught me the meaning of togetherness and staying positive no matter what.  He helped us as a team push each other every single day to be our best.  Attention to detail and everything matters in your preparation for the game of basketball was always a big factor with Coach Thom.”  -Justin Cobbs- Gravelines France

“Scott has the experience and passion to help elevate a basketball program to another level when it comes to strength and conditioning/player development.”   –Coach Ernie Kent

“I am more explosive now than I have ever been because of Coach Thom! Even after leaving Cal, I still rely on coach and his program. The workouts are always creative, dynamic, and demanding which give me the edge I’m looking for at the professional level.”  -Harper Kamp- Bremerhaven Germany

“Strength and conditioning with Coach Thom helped me on the court be at my best.  His attitude and willingness to help out in the weight room and on the court helped bring a new element of toughness to the table.  He gets you to your goals, and it translates to you moving better on the court and has your body feeling great and ready to go.”  -Richard Solomon- Toyota Alvark Japan

“Scott’s vast understanding of both the physical and skill needs of each of his athletes sets him apart from other coaches. His unique and cutting edge approach to program design will build the ‘total athlete’ to compete at the highest level.”  -Coach Mark Grabow



  1. Nice work, positive stuff. Keep it up man!

  2. Appreciate the support! Lets chat shop sometime!!!

  3. Good stuff man… I’m ready to be your long distance trainee! at least through the website!

  4. Nothing but great stuff! Just watching and learning keeps me motivated and pushes me to want to do more!
    Great Site!

  5. Thanks Big Dawg really appreciate it!!!! -Coach T

  6. Like this one. It is more motivating to do workouts if you see testimonials like this. Thanks.

  7. Chest bump! Chest bump! Im totally going to start letting you train me via the web and sign up for the newsletter!!!

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