Hyper-Strength 18


This lift is a combination of strength and hypertrophy work.  Each day starts with working up to a certain (RM) rep max, as you progress through the lift you will then encounter tools which help to increase muscle mass such as “tempos”, “pause”, and “volume” sets.  These are concepts used to increase the (TUT) time under tension that the muscle is put through.  Weights can be lighter with these sets as you are focusing on maintaining solid movement through a specific tempo or pausing for a specific time.


Weeks 1-3, you will increase the weight performed during the RM portion of the lift, this is known as “beating your number,” which basically means you increased the weight used from the previous week.  Week 4 will be a deload week which means you will go back to your initial 5 RM you performed on week 1,  imagine a deload wk as if you’re taking the foot off the gas for a week.  This helps to prepare you for week 5 which is max week and with each day you will work up to a single rep max (1RM).


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  • Phase 1 (5 week training program) 
  • Phase 2 (5 week training program)


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