CHEST BUMP!!!! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I recently was hired by the great institution of UC Berkeley as a strength coach!!!!! This 3 day workout is a beast, I have had my personal training clients use it and they have made amazing strength and... Read more
Chest bump, chest bump everybody!!!! What a week it has been 🙂 this Metabolic Finisher named the “Godfather” will kick your behind!!!! Done at the end of your workout to ensure total depletion of the body, can take place for cardio if you are in a crunch for time,... Read more
Hope everybody is having a great week! I am trying to post more vids and hope you enjoy this “Big Cat” workout secret weapon :). Take a towel, put a plate on top, and presto your legs will be burning! Best done at the end of a leg workout... Read more
Metabolic finishers are used to help you obtain a better “after burn” meaning burning more calories once you are done with your workout. Studies through the National Strength and Conditioning Association have shown clients burning calories up to 72 hours AFTER their workout!!!! This is based on how intense... Read more
Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!! This Metabolic Finisher is great to do at the end of your workout in place of cardio if your crunched for time, I use it with my athletes after game days, to get the heart rate and blood pumping!!!! Create a great day! -Coach T Read more