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Jump Higher w the KOBE BRYANT LEG WORKOUT!!!!!

Probably one of the most dominating players of his time, Kobe Bryant can flat out elevate and finish plays. I have done some research on Kobe Bryants workouts and have put together a leg workout that will help you to jump higher and get up like Kobe!!! The weighted vest used in the video is an amazing training tool, worth every penny! Thanks for viewing and create a great day! -Coach T

A1 Front Squats 3×10
A2 Split Jumps 3×16 total jumps
B1 DB Reverse Lunge Stepups 3×8 each leg
B2 Squat Jumps 3×8
C1 One Legged Box Squats 3×8 each leg
C2 SB Ham Curls 3×10
Metabolic Finisher: Plate push to plyo skaters 3x 40 ft. plate push, 3×8 plyo skaters
Stretch out 🙂

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  1. More good stuff, coach. I’ll have to work on this and the one prior for sure.

    Do you plan anything for agility?

  2. Thanks for great comment, I’ll definitely work on some agility drills for ya! Create a great day! -Coach T

  3. I am a volleyball player and some months before I was not able to to jump well. I started lifting weights, and in two months I showed impressive improvements in my jump. This is why I also recommend the method to all people. All the best.

  4. I’m volleyball coach. I definitly have to try this with my players (women). They will certainly love to kill me…

    Curious to try and see other exercices.

  5. that is a good article i will start implementing it next week. Im 16 years old basketball player with 180cm tall and 70kg i play at the pg position . I can touch the oficcial rim. Coah if i start doing my weigth training like kobe would that affect on my growth potential? Im from MOzambique (africa)

  6. Wow..that must be a lot of work and exercise but it’s worth it if I can jump like Kobe Bryant. Jumping work outs are really cool.

  7. Is it hard?I’m not an athlete person but I really want to try increasing my vertical jump. Thanks for the knwoledge from this article.

  8. Nice site you may follow this one.

  9. Very nice guide to have legs like Kobe’s! Kobe is my idol and I would definitely follow what you have just advised. 😉

  10. As an ultimate frisbee player, jumping is super important. This looks like a really good workout that I am going to get my team doing. How many times a week do you recommend something like this?

  11. Hi! First of all, nice stuff! But Im still wonderig about the a1 a2 thing? Does it mean you want to go one set of a1 Then rest about 50-70 sec to move on to a2. Once you finished all the 3 a-sets you move on to b1??
    Have i understood it right? Thnks on advance!

  12. so is it true that heavy weight lifting with legs is bad for basketball and jumping…and if so wat is the max weight you should lift with your legs for basketball training?..thank you

  13. No, having strong legs through lifting weights specifically squats, is a great thing! A good vertical jump is usually done by the guys that can squat 1.5-2x their body weight.

  14. Hey thank you so much for this video/workout! I have been doing it for only about 2 weeks now and I’m already seeing results. Thank you so much!

  15. Do we do this every other day

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