There’s a plethora of training tools out there to choose from when you are putting together your year plan.  One of my all time favorites is the weight vest, a great tool when your players are READY for them.  Incorporating weight vests into your teams training can build toughness... Read more
Some reasons for knee tendonitis: Lack of VMO strength Lack of Mobility in ankles and hips Lack of proper knee tracking in squat portion of jump Lack of deceleration strength In this article I’ll focus on lack of VMO strength (the muscles on the lower thigh that surround the... Read more
Chest Bump, Chest Bump!!! Get up and dunk! Reverse barbell lunge is a great exercise that will increase your strength and power off of one foot. Get under the bar as if you are going to back squat, then place one foot behind you (get long), lower your body... Read more