There’s a plethora of training tools out there to choose from when you are putting together your year plan.  One of my all time favorites is the weight vest, a great tool when your players are READY for them.  Incorporating … Read more

Suns Out Guns Out!

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Check out this All Arms article I wrote for Testosterone Nation, a site I visit daily for new tips and techniques to help you reach your fitness goals!  I break down 5 different arm workouts that will help those stubborn … Read more
Some reasons for knee tendonitis: Lack of VMO strength Lack of Mobility in ankles and hips Lack of proper knee tracking in squat portion of jump Lack of deceleration strength In this article I’ll focus on lack of VMO strength … Read more
This mobility + stretch circuit helps me promote recovery before I start another week of getting after it in the weight room. Make sure to focus on the movements taking your time with each exercise, focus on your breathing as … Read more
Knee band press outs are a great VMO activation exercise and can help to strengthen the VMO over time. 1-2 sets of 20-30 reps pre-workout, practice, competition will help to relieve and eventually prevent knee tendonitis!! Chest bump!!! -Coach T… Read more
Thanks for visiting!!!!! Here are some basic plyometric exercises that done two times a week will increase your jumping ability. Make sure to keep your volume low, 2 sets of 5-8 reps will do wonders especially, if the quality of … Read more
CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP!!!! THANKS FOR VISITING… The kneeling squat is an exercise that when done correctly can strengthen the core, lower back, and activate those glutes! Really focus on placing your butt on your heels and when rising back … Read more
CHEST BUMP!!!!! It’s been a great week, very productive! I appreciate you stopping by, in this video I cover four simple exercises that you can do to strengthening the tendons in your ankles and get them ready for the upcoming … Read more