Some reasons for knee tendonitis: Lack of VMO strength Lack of Mobility in ankles and hips Lack of proper knee tracking in squat portion of jump Lack of deceleration strength In this article I’ll focus on lack of VMO strength (the muscles on the lower thigh that surround the... Read more
I like to put my players through this shoulder finisher after a upper body lift, one time through is great! Don’t let them put the bar down as they adjust their hands from narrow to wide. Put them on your count to really get after it and build some... Read more
This video collaboration with my good friend Joel Smith focuses on the ability to decelerate (stopping power) when planting to jump of one or two feet. This exercise is great to do in the off season to really build up the muscle around the knee to help prevent overuse... Read more
Start of the season is upon us, and the guys have been getting after it. Create a great day! Coach T Read more
Improving hip mobility can be the difference between an injury free year to one that is filled with injuries.  Improved hip mobility will help to prevent back issues as well as reduce pressure on the the knees, and help to keep you low and powerful even in the late... Read more
Strengthening your posterior chain will help keep  your  shoulders injury free, as well as help to cure upper cross syndrome (rounded shoulders caused by too many pressing movements), the key is to balance out your body! Create Greatness! -Coach T Read more
Chest bump, Chest bump ya’ll!!! Hope all is well, things have been pretty crazy here getting ready for upcoming hoop season. Practice being two weeks away, I am wrapping up a five week strength phase which followed a two week work capacity phase. What is “work capacity” you may... Read more
Dynamic warm-up is probably one of the most overlooked tools in athletic/training programs. Done properly it can prevent injury and help you to focus in for your training session or game. Thanks for viewing and Create a great day!!! -Coach T Read more
As coaches we want our players hitting the weight room hard, cleans, pulls, deadlifts, and of course SQUATS!!!!!!!!!!!! But, many of us forget about the most important thing and that is to convert that raw strength to basketball specific movements. Using a very versatile piece of equipment called the... Read more
Moving laterally with explosion and quickness are very important to becoming a shut down player on the basketball court. These 3 exercises will improve your explosiveness laterally and help you to become a force defensively. Read more