Basketball 6 Spot Shooting Drill
@sdomingo31 getting buckets in this 6 spot shooting drill, incorporating some conditioning between each shot. Players have to make 4/6 to get out of the drill. I learned this drill from Coach Mark Grabow. Have players focus on their first three steps i.e. “getting on their horse” after each... Read more
Minimum of Two Moves Court Conditioning Drill
@samsinger2 and @sdomingo31 attack this court conditioning drill, I like to use as a finisher to our individual workouts. They must make a minimum of two moves (they can do whatever they like, they just can’t do the same move 2 reps in a row). You can have them... Read more
8 Spot Shooting Drill
@sdomingo31 getting after it with the 8 spot shooting drill. I like this drill as a court conditioning drill, player starts off with a break away layup, then goes right into a short corner jump shot, then to high post area, touches half court and finishes the 1st side... Read more
Paloff Series Core Workout
Try this Paloff Series for your next weight room workout. The Paloff Series is a great core variation for your athletes and clients who may want to stay OFF the floor or perhaps you don’t want them getting up and down from the ground. Create a great day! Read more
Floater Drill
@sdomingo31 and @samsinger2 have been a blast to work with these past couple weeks! Here they are going through a floater warmup drill. I like to implement this drill early in court session, especially if the court session is following a lift. This helps the players get the feel... Read more
Hand Slap Reaction Drill
@sdomingo31 and @samsinger2 getting after it with the hand slap react drill. I learned this drill while interning for a great player development coach Mark Grabow. I like to incorporate this drill after the players are warmed up. This drill cranks it up a bit and gets their central... Read more
Cone to Cone Shooting Drill
  @samsinger2 and @sdomingo31 going through the cone to cone warmup drill. Set two cones a good distance apart, players are allowed only one dribble to get passed second cone and shoot. Make 6 shots on right side of cone using your right hand, then 6 makes on left... Read more
Explaining the Why Your ability to explain “the why” has a direct correlation with your players buying into you as a coach and the work you prescribe in the weight room. As my long-time friend and mentor John Murray, an NBA strength coach for 10-plus years, once told me,... Read more
The TRX can play a pivotal role for newer clients lacking strength and athletes coming back from injury.  With the TRX Suspension Trainer, you’re able to un-load certain exercises, which allows the client/athlete to progress gradually. Doing so builds strength and confidence in the process. I’ve often found my... Read more
I like incorporating this TRX hamstring circuit into my training regimen on a regular basis, especially when my body needs a break from the usual hamstring culprits that many are used to relying on; RDL’s, Single Leg RDL’s, Hamstring Curls, Glute Ham Raises, and Eccentric Hamstring Drops. All of... Read more