We just had our end of the year banquet, it was great to see the team, and get together as a group one last time. Very special group of young men, I hope you enjoy this video I made…. Chest bump, Chest bump!!! Read more
“Pulls from the rack” is a bilateral (two foot) exercise that will improve your explosiveness off two feet. Great for all sports but, especially awesome for your basketball players!! It will also strengthen the movement patterns for Power Cleans, Hang Cleans, and the Snatch. All of which should be... Read more
Hey thanks for stopping by I hope you’re having a great weekend!!! Shoulders and knees are the most commonly injured joints for athletes. These three exercises focus on strengthening the shoulder girdle and should be added to your dynamic warmup, they will decrease the risk of shoulder injuries dramatically.... Read more
Gabe has worked his way into a healthier future!!! Within the past 5 months this young man has been, “Getting After It” on a daily basis at HealthQuest Fitness Center in Napa Valley. We met when he first joined, gave him a game plan, I have been there if... Read more
This is a great workout to spice up your routine. All you need is a good workout partner and a medicine ball. I use many of these exercises with my basketball players during pre-season conditioning, often we are on a track with about 60 kids and not much equipment... Read more