Hope everybody had a great week and you were able to push yourself out of any comfort zone you might have fallen into 🙂 Which leads me to my next vid which deals with advanced plank exercises. Planks are great stability exercises for your core, this Plank Series is... Read more
Chest Bump everybody!!!! I was named Coach Of The Year yesterday, thanks for all the support everybody!!! On to the vid; this core exercise is on the advance side. Find a pull-up bar, pull yourself up midway drive your knees up and begin twisting, limited range of motion to... Read more
The beginning of the turkish getup is a great exercise that targets the core. Start off with a light kettlebell to really get the hang of the exercise, 3×10 reps on each arm should do the trick! Create a great day!!! -Coach T Read more
With our hoop season coming to an end last week, it’s time to get after it!!!! Thanks to all those that supported our boys this season it was a good one!! This variation of the standard plank is a great way to increase core strength and you can do... Read more
Abdominal Rollouts are a great core exercise and can be very tough for beginners so, be careful. As the Rollout becomes easier try these progressions. The MB rollout is courtesy of and is a great exercise for those looking for more difficult core exercises. Create a great day!!!!... Read more
Here are 4 prehab exercises that will improve your lower back strength helping to prevent injuries ie, “I threw out my back, picking up a pencil”. First off make sure you have a strong core, many low back injuries are due to a weak core. Everything is connected and... Read more