Hope ya’ll been doing great! It’s the off-season which means one thing, putting on some freaking muscle!!! This 10/20 workout will get you swoll! Pick a bicep exercise (straight bar curls) do it 10x, then pick another bicep exercise (db … Read more
This is a great exercise that when done correctly, target your legs and core. I am doing it on a raised box to increase glute and quad activation, when twisting plate make sure to brace your core as if someone … Read more
Chest Bump Chest Bump…. CAL beat Stanford, put a hurting on them 🙂 Now onto the vid, this is another exercise that will increase explosive power off one foot (first one I showed was the Reverse Barbell Lunge). Make sure … Read more
Chest Bump, Chest Bump!!! Get up and dunk! Reverse barbell lunge is a great exercise that will increase your strength and power off of one foot. Get under the bar as if you are going to back squat, then place … Read more
“Hang Pulls” are a great two foot exercise that can be done with a good amount of weight (if your strong enough) due to its limited range of motion. Make sure you have good alignment; shoulder blades back, knuckles down, … Read more
Thanks for stopping by!!!!! Romanian deadlift or RDL’s with dumbbells are a great exercise to target the hamstrings and glutes. These muscles tie directly into jumping higher and running faster. Slightly bend knees to take pressure off your lower back … Read more
Hope you all are having a great day and getting after it!!!! Here are variations of the standard pushup that will fatigue your chest, engage your core, and activate shoulder stabilizers. Maximize results by performing these exercises immediately after completing … Read more
The DB Squat, Curl, Press is an exercise that is great for basketball players because it strengthens the legs, biceps, and shoulders in each repetition. This exercise, when supersetted with a bigger lift (unilateral lift; Barbell Step-ups, or Reverse Barbell … Read more
Kettle Bells are great pieces of equipment and can be used for many purposes. Here are 5 exercises that will increase your power for hoops! Do two sets of 8-12 repetitions, really focus on tightening your core (imagining someone is … Read more
A powerful core can be the difference between an average athlete and an explosive athlete, these 5 exercises will definately improve your power and explosiveness! Have a great day! … Read more