Continuing with “Complex’s” I thought I’d bring the “Snatch Complex” to the forefront, an amazing tool in teaching and strengthening the movement patterns used in the snatch and hang snatch. An explosive exercise and when done correctly can have carryover to all playing fields. Keep the volume at 3×6... Read more
Here is an easy progression for your athletes in teaching the concepts/movements of the power clean. Complex’s are great to throw into your athletes training program early on to help strengthen the areas needed when performing a clean. It also helps to insure that your athlete doesn’t load the... Read more
Hope everybody had a great week and you were able to push yourself out of any comfort zone you might have fallen into 🙂 Which leads me to my next vid which deals with advanced plank exercises. Planks are great stability exercises for your core, this Plank Series is... Read more
Chest bump!!!! I know, I know I’m a dork but it’s all good!! Hope you all have been doing great my new job at CAL is keeping me pretty busy but, I promise to keep posting vids when I can. This vid is for all those looking for new... Read more
Hope you are having a great week so far, it has been crazy down here at CAL, screening athletes, preparing workouts for upcoming seasons but, it’s alllllllll good!!!! This core workout is legit and will give your core a different type of workout than the normal borrrrrring crunches. Thanks... Read more
CHEST BUMP!!!! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I recently was hired by the great institution of UC Berkeley as a strength coach!!!!! This 3 day workout is a beast, I have had my personal training clients use it and they have made amazing strength and... Read more
Hope everyone is having a great day!!!! The “Brutal 140” is 140 crunches using a medicine ball, and when done correctly can activate those abdominal muscles on the quickness!!!!!!! 20 straight legged R+L 20 Toe touch 20 Arrows R+L 20 Middle 20 Russian Twist Read more
Chest bump, chest bump everybody!!!! What a week it has been 🙂 this Metabolic Finisher named the “Godfather” will kick your behind!!!! Done at the end of your workout to ensure total depletion of the body, can take place for cardio if you are in a crunch for time,... Read more
CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY IT IS!!!!! This is a great exercise to throw in at the end of a leg workout to really tap out those legs, or as a complimentary exercise in a full body workout. This exercise can be very demanding even with... Read more
Hope everybody is having a great week! I am trying to post more vids and hope you enjoy this “Big Cat” workout secret weapon :). Take a towel, put a plate on top, and presto your legs will be burning! Best done at the end of a leg workout... Read more