These 3 single leg exercises are great to do year around, helping to strengthen the muscles around the knee (preventing knee tendonitis), helps deceleration power (jumping up not out), and helps to maintain single leg strength. Thanks for viewing and creat a great day!   Go Bears! -Coach T Read more
This video collaboration with my good friend Joel Smith focuses on the ability to decelerate (stopping power) when planting to jump of one or two feet. This exercise is great to do in the off season to really build up the muscle around the knee to help prevent overuse... Read more
Start of the season is upon us, and the guys have been getting after it. Create a great day! Coach T Read more
Knee band press outs are a great VMO activation exercise and can help to strengthen the VMO over time. 1-2 sets of 20-30 reps pre-workout, practice, competition will help to relieve and eventually prevent knee tendonitis!! Chest bump!!! -Coach T Read more
Improving hip mobility can be the difference between an injury free year to one that is filled with injuries.  Improved hip mobility will help to prevent back issues as well as reduce pressure on the the knees, and help to keep you low and powerful even in the late... Read more
Strengthening your posterior chain will help keep  your  shoulders injury free, as well as help to cure upper cross syndrome (rounded shoulders caused by too many pressing movements), the key is to balance out your body! Create Greatness! -Coach T Read more
CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP!!!! It’s March Madness time and here is a great plank circuit you can do with your athletes to increase their core strength. Make sure to vary your core workouts; volume, weighted, stability,etc. throughout the week. Be smart about it, if you destroyed your core the... Read more
Chest Bump, Chest Bump!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me, seasons been crazy!!! Looking towards making a run on these last five games, thanks for viewing, and create a great day! Single Leg DB RDL Press is an exercise that will activate; vmo, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, as... Read more
CHEST BUMP CHEST BUMP!!!! HOPE YA’LL HAVE BEEN DOING GREAT, it’s been awhile since I posted a vid and appreciate your patience. Here are two shoulder circuits you can choose from that will finish any “upper body” day lift with a bang on those deltoids. Create a great day... Read more
Yahhhhhhh Buddy thanks for viewing Chest bump, Chest bump, sorry it’s been so long since posting a vid, seasons been crazy looking forward to making a run at the Pac-10 tournament this week. GO BEARS! On to the complex, these three exercises are great to use as a complex... Read more