Here are a couple of exercises to increase your grip strength. A strong grip can make a huge difference in many sports especially when you need that rebound at the end of the game. You’ll be amazed on how much harder pull-ups can be when you throw a towel... Read more
This is a great workout to spice up your routine. All you need is a good workout partner and a medicine ball. I use many of these exercises with my basketball players during pre-season conditioning, often we are on a track with about 60 kids and not much equipment... Read more
Being Monday it was “Leg Day”, the best day of the week! Our workout this monday called for 8 sets of 1 rep at 90% of our max. Deadlifts are great exercises and should be in everyones workout regiment to some degree. Deadlifts when done correctly work you from... Read more
Luke has been working out hard for the past 19 days and is making tremendous progress! His “get after it” mentality will propel him past his goals of weight-loss with ease….Keep it up Luke great things are happening and like you said, “feeling great”! Read more
This quick workout will increase your power and explosiveness! All you need is a couple plates, DB’s, and a medicine ball all of which can be purchased at Perform Better, just hit my link under my products tab. Try to hit maximum effort with each exercise if you feel... Read more
My brosky, workout partner, and Fitness Director Josh Schlottman gives you a virtual tour of Health Quest Fitness Center. This is where the magic happens baby! Read more
GET AFTER IT! 10 wide Dips, 5 pull-ups, 5 plyo pull-ups, 5 clap pull-ups, 5 gorilla pull-ups. 5 leg raises, 5 jacknifes, 5 twists, 5 alternate knee up twists. Thanks for checking out my website, have a great day! Read more
Personal training since 2003 I’ve seen my fair share of gym goers enter the club, grab the heaviest dumbbells in the gym and start hurling them around as if having a mini-seizure. I just want to yell, “WARM-UP!” it’s important; you get the blood flowing, lubricate your joints, and... Read more