Metabolic Finisher: “Rambo”
Whether you’re crunched for time or putting one of your athletes/clients through a work capacity phase, “metabolic finishers” are a great way to get after their conditioning in a timely manner. In a team setting they’re fun to help bring out a little competition. “Rambo” combines kettle bell clean-to-press... Read more
This class was an absolute blast to teach, great energy, and they really learned fast. My goal was to teach some of the basic exercises you can perform with this versatile antique all the while having a good time, my boy shot the vid…thanks brosky!! Create a great... Read more
A great exercise that works you from your toes to your nose!!!!! Start off using a tennis shoe and once you can balance that throughout the exercise then move onto a light kettle bell. Break the exercise into steps: -Roll to punch, whatever arm is in punch position that... Read more
Kettle Bells are great pieces of equipment and can be used for many purposes. Here are 5 exercises that will increase your power for hoops! Do two sets of 8-12 repetitions, really focus on tightening your core (imagining someone is going to punch you in the stomach!), also focus... Read more