Hey thanks for stopping by I hope you’re having a great weekend!!! Shoulders and knees are the most commonly injured joints for athletes. These three exercises focus on strengthening the shoulder girdle and should be added to your dynamic warmup, they will decrease the risk of shoulder injuries dramatically.... Read more
Psssssst hey you, the one with low back pain, come here… everyone would get up and come over because, during one time or another each one of us has had low back issues. Part of it is our lifestyles ie sitting in cars for long periods of time, in... Read more
Vince Lombardi once said, “fatigue makes a coward out of us all”. Whether you coach, are an athlete, or just a go getter in the business world, you know this quote holds true! This past weekend we had a tournament in Vacaville, we played 4 games in 5 hours... Read more
Here are 4 prehab exercises that will improve your lower back strength helping to prevent injuries ie, “I threw out my back, picking up a pencil”. First off make sure you have a strong core, many low back injuries are due to a weak core. Everything is connected and... Read more
3 minutes a day is all it takes to strengthen, stabilize, and mobilize natures shock absorbers. The ankle is an amazing joint that needs some attention, it needs to have a balance of strength, stability, and mobility which can minimize the risk of ankle injuries. Landing on a foot... Read more
Foam rolling is great soft tissue work. I used to wonder what those cylinder looking things were, lying around the gym. I was missing out, foam rolling is the @#*&^!!!!! Helps to relieve muscle soreness, breakup knots and trigger points (which unattended can lead to overcompensation and injury), and... Read more
Walk around the gym especially on a Monday and 90 percent of everyone is hitting up Bench!!!! Go to the average workplace and 90 percent of everyone is hunched over typing away on a computer (like I am doing now)… this can lead to upper-cross syndrome which is an... Read more
These exercises are great to increase leg strength and improve knee stability. Single leg box squats by themselves are great for all levels and strengths, be careful when you load with a medicine ball or sport cord. Make sure you’re strong enough and experienced enough, I don’t want any... Read more
Beach season being right around the corner, it’s time to crank out that core work. Here are some of my favorite core exercises that won’t destroy your spine like 1,000 crunches will! It’s time to get uncomfortable!!!! Read more