Exercise Routine to Prevent Ankle Sprains
This is the start of a new series I like to call “Practical Performance” in which I will share simple yet effective exercises that you can incorporate into your training as well as your athletes training to help improve performance. Read more
Improve Front Rack Position With These Quick Tricks
As a coach you often hear your athletes complain about their wrists hurting when in a front rack position. Being pain-free and proficient in this position is important if you plan on programming cleans with your athletes. Using the straps to accomplish this front rack position WHILE you continue... Read more
The TRX can play a pivotal role for newer clients lacking strength and athletes coming back from injury.  With the TRX Suspension Trainer, you’re able to un-load certain exercises, which allows the client/athlete to progress gradually. Doing so builds strength and confidence in the process. I’ve often found my... Read more
I like incorporating this TRX hamstring circuit into my training regimen on a regular basis, especially when my body needs a break from the usual hamstring culprits that many are used to relying on; RDL’s, Single Leg RDL’s, Hamstring Curls, Glute Ham Raises, and Eccentric Hamstring Drops. All of... Read more
With March Madness taking center stage in the sports world, we asked the head strength coach for Men’s Basketball at Washington State University, Scott Thom, to explain the importance of preventing injury when the season is on the line. To counter muscular imbalances from the rigors of playing, training... Read more
Some reasons for knee tendonitis: Lack of VMO strength Lack of Mobility in ankles and hips Lack of proper knee tracking in squat portion of jump Lack of deceleration strength In this article I’ll focus on lack of VMO strength (the muscles on the lower thigh that surround the... Read more
This mobility + stretch circuit helps me promote recovery before I start another week of getting after it in the weight room. Make sure to focus on the movements taking your time with each exercise, focus on your breathing as this will help you relax and get the full... Read more
Dynamic warm-up is probably one of the most overlooked tools in athletic/training programs. Done properly it can prevent injury and help you to focus in for your training session or game. Thanks for viewing and Create a great day!!! -Coach T Read more
As a basketball coach and a strength coach the most common injuries are knee, ankle, and shoulders. I have covered preventative maintenance exercises for the ankle and shoulders and can be found by clicking the links: I thought it was time I did one for... Read more
CHEST BUMP!!!!! It’s been a great week, very productive! I appreciate you stopping by, in this video I cover four simple exercises that you can do to strengthening the tendons in your ankles and get them ready for the upcoming hoop season!!!! INJURY FREE IS THE WAY TO BE!!!!... Read more