Chest Bump, Chest Bump ya’ll here is a quick clip put together by Marlon Stewart an assistant coach for Mens Basketball. We just finished up a 5 week strength phase that included 4 days a week crushing it in the weight room and 2-3 days of court/track conditioning. Guys... Read more
Chest Bump, Chest Bump!!!! In nine training sessions (5 weeks) Amit Tamir changed his body to the point that this coming season should be one of his best, playing professional basketball overseas. Amit also lifted 3 days a weeks as well as worked on his game 2 days a... Read more
The DB Squat, Curl, Press is an exercise that is great for basketball players because it strengthens the legs, biceps, and shoulders in each repetition. This exercise, when supersetted with a bigger lift (unilateral lift; Barbell Step-ups, or Reverse Barbell Lunges) would make the workout a nice balance, from... Read more
CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP!!! This is a great drill that will target the muscles and strengthen the movement pattern of a two handed chest pass (of course you can mix up the type of passes you throw) Have your athletes do this right after Incline dumbbells or Flat bench... Read more
CHEST BUMP!!!! Drop Snatch or Snatch Balance as it is also know is a great exercise to improve the strength in your legs, posterior chain, as well as improving shoulder stability. All of which are extremely important in the game of basketball. Coaches it is important that your athletes... Read more
As coaches we want our players hitting the weight room hard, cleans, pulls, deadlifts, and of course SQUATS!!!!!!!!!!!! But, many of us forget about the most important thing and that is to convert that raw strength to basketball specific movements. Using a very versatile piece of equipment called the... Read more
CHEST BUMP to all those visiting the site, I really appreciate positivity!!!!! Here is another medicine ball core circuit that will have your abdominals on fire!!!! As a coach, strengthening your athletes cores is a must, if they do not have a STRONG core their movement patterns will become... Read more
“Pulls from the rack” is a bilateral (two foot) exercise that will improve your explosiveness off two feet. Great for all sports but, especially awesome for your basketball players!! It will also strengthen the movement patterns for Power Cleans, Hang Cleans, and the Snatch. All of which should be... Read more
CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP!!!! I have been fortunate to be interning for Coach Blasquez the head strength coach at Cal Berkeley this summer and have been learning a ton! This great opportunity has also, reinforced what I already teach and preach as the right way to go about strengthening... Read more
The RDL is a great exercise to target the low back, glutes, and hamstrings!!!! When performing the RDL you want to setup the bar at a height easily removed from the rack, once the bar is in your hands you want your knuckles down, scaps engaged, elbows out, knees... Read more