Off-Season Training with David Kravish
A post shared by Scott Thom (@coachscottthom) on Jun 15, 2018 at 8:10pm PDT Another off-season means another visit from David Kravish. Big Dave is going into his 4th year playing professionally overseas. David’s work ethic is top notch and his ability to constantly develop his game on the... Read more
Exercise Routine to Prevent Ankle Sprains
This is the start of a new series I like to call “Practical Performance” in which I will share simple yet effective exercises that you can incorporate into your training as well as your athletes training to help improve performance. Read more
Guest Appearance on The Performance Podcast with Coach Dos and Wil Flemings
Had a blast being on @performancepodcast with @coach_dos an amazing person and a coach who’s paved the way in the S&C world for us lil guys! We even talk about @arnethomdotcom in this episode. In this episode coach Dos interviews me about creating buy in, how to teach through discipline , the differences in training... Read more
Guest Appearance on Just Fly Performance Podcast #91: Culture that Transfers from the Weightroom to the Court
Back for my second appearance on the Just Fly Performance Podcast, I recently had the opportunity to talk with Joel Smith on an often overlooked aspect of coaching: creating a team culture that transfers from the weightroom to the court. In this episode I go into detail about my... Read more
Improve Front Rack Position With These Quick Tricks
As a coach you often hear your athletes complain about their wrists hurting when in a front rack position. Being pain-free and proficient in this position is important if you plan on programming cleans with your athletes. Using the straps to accomplish this front rack position WHILE you continue... Read more
Metabolic Finisher: “Rambo”
Whether you’re crunched for time or putting one of your athletes/clients through a work capacity phase, “metabolic finishers” are a great way to get after their conditioning in a timely manner. In a team setting they’re fun to help bring out a little competition. “Rambo” combines kettle bell clean-to-press... Read more
Josh Hawkinson Off Season Lift/Hoop Workout
@jhawk.24 putting in that werrrrrk: wake up, eat, lift, hoop, fuel, nap. Rinse and repeat all week! Lift: 9×5 Trap bar Deadlift, 9×5 Flat Bench, 2×15 seconds sled push/pull, 2×15 Seated Row, 2×15 Goblet Squat, 2×15 Military Press. Hoops: First hoop drill is continuous ball screen progressions Roll to... Read more
TRX + Sled Work
Here are 5 exercises that incorporate a TRX into your sled work that I like to program with my athletes during the different training phases of the year. It’s good to mix it up with different exercises in training, this helps to keep the workouts fresh, and athletes mentally... Read more
Season of Strength: Blue Band Circuit
The Blue Band Circuit is a series of activation exercises using the Blue mini-band from PerformBetter. This Circuit is used to get your players ready to compete and carries with it, injury prevention components. In my book, Season of Strength I cover when and why I use the this... Read more
Basketball Chair Drill
@sdomingo31 working the Chair Drill, set a ball on each chair and progress from ripping baseline to a jump shot, to ripping middle to a jump shot, then ripping baseline to a step back, middle to a step back, finishing with a baseline rip to a step back crossover.... Read more