CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP!!!! It’s March Madness time and here is a great plank circuit you can do with your athletes to increase their core strength. Make sure to vary your core workouts; volume, weighted, stability,etc. throughout the week. Be smart about it, if you destroyed your core the... Read more
Chest Bump, Chest Bump!!! Thanks for hanging in there with me, seasons been crazy!!! Looking towards making a run on these last five games, thanks for viewing, and create a great day! Single Leg DB RDL Press is an exercise that will activate; vmo, hamstrings, glutes, lower back, as... Read more
Chest Bump, Chest Bump ya’ll here is a quick clip put together by Marlon Stewart an assistant coach for Mens Basketball. We just finished up a 5 week strength phase that included 4 days a week crushing it in the weight room and 2-3 days of court/track conditioning. Guys... Read more
Chest bump, Chest bump ya’ll!!! Hope all is well, things have been pretty crazy here getting ready for upcoming hoop season. Practice being two weeks away, I am wrapping up a five week strength phase which followed a two week work capacity phase. What is “work capacity” you may... Read more
CHEST BUMP CHEST BUMP!!!! HOPE YA’LL HAVE BEEN DOING GREAT, it’s been awhile since I posted a vid and appreciate your patience. Here are two shoulder circuits you can choose from that will finish any “upper body” day lift with a bang on those deltoids. Create a great day... Read more
Yahhhhhhh Buddy thanks for viewing Chest bump, Chest bump, sorry it’s been so long since posting a vid, seasons been crazy looking forward to making a run at the Pac-10 tournament this week. GO BEARS! On to the complex, these three exercises are great to use as a complex... Read more
Continuing with “Complex’s” I thought I’d bring the “Snatch Complex” to the forefront, an amazing tool in teaching and strengthening the movement patterns used in the snatch and hang snatch. An explosive exercise and when done correctly can have carryover to all playing fields. Keep the volume at 3×6... Read more
Here is an easy progression for your athletes in teaching the concepts/movements of the power clean. Complex’s are great to throw into your athletes training program early on to help strengthen the areas needed when performing a clean. It also helps to insure that your athlete doesn’t load the... Read more
Hope everybody had a great week and you were able to push yourself out of any comfort zone you might have fallen into 🙂 Which leads me to my next vid which deals with advanced plank exercises. Planks are great stability exercises for your core, this Plank Series is... Read more
Chest bump!!!! I know, I know I’m a dork but it’s all good!! Hope you all have been doing great my new job at CAL is keeping me pretty busy but, I promise to keep posting vids when I can. This vid is for all those looking for new... Read more