Advanced Plank Series to Increase Core Strength

CHEST BUMP, CHEST BUMP!!!! It’s March Madness time and here is a great plank circuit you can do with your athletes to increase their core strength. Make sure to vary your core workouts; volume, weighted, stability,etc. throughout the week. Be smart about it, if you destroyed your core the day before with 600 reps of medicine ball work, then lighten it up the following day with less repetitive movements. Create a great day and GO BEARS!!!!!

3×30 second middle plank + 3×20 reaches
3×30 second side plank + 20 up downs
3×10 soldier planks



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    1. manman
      4 years ago

      are you supposed to do these three consecutively, as a set. The rise wash a repeat another two times?

    2. Kristen McIntyre
      4 years ago

      It is good to have exercise everyday! great video. More post to come.. thanks!

    3. Michael G
      3 years ago

      Is the goal to do 3 sets on each side and 3 sets in the middle? 3 sets of soldier planks at the end? Great workout!

    4. Scott Thom
      3 years ago

      3 sets continuosly rotating through them.

      Create Greatness!

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