Being Monday it was “Leg Day”, the best day of the week! Our workout this monday called for 8 sets of 1 rep at...

Being Monday it was “Leg Day”, the best day of the week! Our workout this monday called for 8 sets of 1 rep at 90% of our max. Deadlifts are great exercises and should be in everyones workout regiment to some degree. Deadlifts when done correctly work you from your toes to your nose, improving your power, strength, ankle flexibility, and grip strength. The compound movement of the Deadlift covers three major joints with extension occurring at the hip, knee, and ankle joints covering every muscle in your leg!
The reason I bring up this exercise is that during my sets my workout partner, “Schlotty” observed my hips raising first which inevitably made me slightly round my back (not good..can’t build a house on a weak foundation) so, I lessened the weight, did some glute activation exercises (Glute bridge, Bar Deadlifts with no weight focusing on firing my glutes) and it was back to the power platform to focus on leading the exercise with my shoulders, keeping my weight on my heels, pinching my shoulder blades together to ensure a straight back and lastly but most importantly ACTIVATING THOSE GLUTES!!!! “Better” was Schlottys response, which was what I needed to hear.
That brings me to another topic, Workout Accountability; it’s important to have a workout partner that will push you, correct your form, and expect you to do the same for them. Leave your egos at the door, if you trust them to have your back when your squatting over 500 lbs. you should be able to take their constructive criticism about an exercise.

Deadlift Review:
Feet start under the bar slightly narrower than your shoulders.
Hands placed on outside of your legs at equal distance.
Your weight should be on your heels, you should be able to wiggle your toes.
Shoulder blades together ensuring an open chest and a straight back.
Drive the weight through your heels, with your shoulders leading the exercise, all the while ACTIVATING THOSE GLUTES!!!!
When done correctly the bar should just glide along your body, at times it might scrap your shins, that’s when you remind yourself, “IT AINT THE BABY GAP”.
Lastly have a workout partner that pushes you, and wants you to succeed as much as you want to succeed yourself. Thanks for stopping by create a great day for yourself!!!!!

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